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In Belgium, the environmental policy competences are shared between the federal government and the regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels).

The regions have jurisdiction for land-use planning, nature protection and conservation, and the protection of the environment. The latter is extremely wide and includes the protection of soil, water and air and the fight against noise pollution. Policy on waste management, water production and the provision and control of industrial activities also falls under the jurisdiction of the regions.

The federal government has control over product standardisation policy, protection against ionising radiation, including radioactive waste, the transit of waste, animal welfare, the import/export and transit of non-indigenous plant and animal species and their remains, and the protection of the marine environment. All these authorities ensure that international environmental agreements in their areas of jurisdiction are implemented.

Therefore, they must all be closely involved in the preparation of Belgian standpoints with respect to international policy.


More information : Coordinating Committee for International Environmental Policy



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