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Practical info

Central contact during conference:

Cellphone: +32 (0)473 93 86 19


Plenary sessions:

Square Brussels Meeting Center (in Google Maps)

How to get there (pdf)

in The Arc (3rd floor)

Entry Koudenberg Access plan to The Arc

Preferred entrance to The Arc via Coudenberg 3, 1000 Brussels


Afternoon of the second day (separate registration was necessary):

European Parliament (in Google Maps) (access plan - pdf)

Moving from Square Brussels Meeting Center to the European Parliament (in Google Maps by foot from Square Brussels Meeting Center)


Informal dinner at 19h00 on 30/11/2010 on day 2 of the conference:

Strofilia (in Google Maps)

(in Google Maps by foot from Square Brussels Meeting Center) 


17th century wine cellar - Strofilia 17th century wine cellar - Strofilia


Resotel (search portal)

Bed and breakfast (search portal)

A list of "eco-dynamic dynamic" hotels in Brussels



Belgian railways



Brussels Airport

Public transport within Brussels

Hire a bike (Villo)


Something to do before and after:

Tourist attractions and museums



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